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Camelot Regular Golf Membership

Premium Membership

A Premium Membership is at the core of what makes Camelot Golf & Country Club unique. This is a fully privileged Membership that offers unrestricted access to both the golf course and clubhouse facilities. Reflective of Camelot's modern approach to private Club Membership, they are available equally to ladies and gentlemen. Offering the advantages of traditional private Club Membership, Premium Membership at Camelot provides a ‘certificate’ as one of the owners of our not-for-profit club and is classified as a ‘Regular Membership’ in our club by-laws with full voting rights once the entrance fee is fully paid.

Membership Features

Entrance Fee:

To enjoy the privileges associated with Premium membership at Camelot, an initiation fee is payable of $15,000+HST. Payable in 10 equal installments annually, once your initiation fee is fully paid you will be provided a ‘Membership Certificate’ representing your equal part ownership in the club. These installments are non-refundable, but no promissory note is required committing to the full amount should you resign before the end of the payment plan. Alternatively, to be provided the certificate immediately, you may pay the initiation fee upon application and enjoy a 20% savings ($12,000+HST).

Annual Fees:

Also Available: 

Weekday Membership 

Spousal Membership

Applying for Membership

The first step in the application process is to contact our General Manager Greg Richardson, he will arrange a personal tour of our facilities at a time convenient to you. He will also provide pertinent information and be able to address any questions you may have in a relaxed and private atmosphere.

He may be contacted at 613-833-0801 ext. 222. Alternatively, you may elect to send him an email

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