Family Membership

Camelot Family Golf Membership

Modern families are busier than ever, and take on many shapes and sizes. But as it has always been, family time remains important to stay connected and build life-long memories. What better venue than a golf course, where you can disconnect and enjoy time outdoors. 

Camelot is pleased to provide this opportunity to young families, through the introduction of a new Family Membership. Classified as an Associate membership (non-equity and non-voting), it does not require the purchase of a membership certificate, however this membership is for one (1) immediate family (up to 2 parents & 3 children) only. It permits golf play for adults on a restricted basis, and Junior or pre-Junior Memberships for those children under 19. However the membership does provide unlimited access to our clubhouse and special events such as Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day and Pasta Nights.

Membership Features

We are not accepting new applications at this time.  We are accepting a waiting list of applicants and we can advise when openings may be available.  Please email to have your name added to the list. 

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